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The Total Toxicology Solution

Designed by active toxicologists and laboratory technical staff, our new Ascentos software supports today’s complex study designs that require the maximum amount of information out of every study. Complex dosing regimens — including IV infusion, streamlined and complete in vivo toxicokinetic data capture and safety pharmacology integration — differentiate our solution from others. And with flexible study protocol and report templates, our systems support both GLP-compliant and discovery studies.

Our Ascentos toxicology software pairs seamlessly with our clinical pathology and developmental and reproductive toxicology software, setting the cornerstone of your future-oriented laboratory information management system.


Smart Tools From the Get-Go

  • Simplified master protocol setup and review: ONE protocol drives all modules for data collection, reporting and activity/glossary management
  • Protocol-driven multiple activity scheduling
  • Studies can be defined for any species including by strain and sub-strain
  • Effortless user-selectable animal randomization Concise activity overviews to ensure completeness

Works With Laboratories

  • Streamlined layout and printing of cage labels
  • Scan transponder chip numbers for accelerated processing
  • Easy instrumentation calibration and fast setup: Define and collect data using numerous device types including balances, chip readers, infusion pumps, bar-code readers, etc.

Works Smarter to Help You Work Faster

  • Fast dosing with at-a-glance volume, article, vehicle, animal and route information
  • Add user-defined information that’s automatically integrated into the system
  • Intelligent in-life data collection processes for rapid workflow
  • Fast modification (with full audit trail) of clinical signs, weights, consumption, etc.

Reporting Done Right

  • Define statistical profiles for all numerical and/or categorical data reporting
  • Fast inclusion/exclusion of study data for tailored reports
  • Full validation services available to ensure efficient validation in short time frames with minimal internal resources

Give your scientists the power to focus on the science from the start with the total toxicology solution.

  • Bar-code handling
  • Colony management
  • Device administration
  • Group housing
  • Tables on demand
  • Integrated historical control data
  • Laboratory instrument interfaces
  • Complex dosing regimens
  • Drug administration and formulation
  • Multiple staggered starts
  • Palpable mass tracking
  • Toxicokinetics (TK)
  • Resource management
  • Support for all preclinical study types
  • User-definable balance driver, statistics, randomization activities and measurements


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