PF - Pharmacy Formulations

Pharmacy Formulations (PF) enables Scientists to electronically capture all of the information related to creating and administering test items and formulations in the toxicology laboratory

Having an automated solution which tracks your test and vehicle agents will enable you to work more efficiently and confidently. PF is a complete inventory handling software solution; from receipt of drug compound to dispensing and finally disposal.

Your team will be confident of the materials available with the ability to track inventory across different sites, rooms, storage conditions, suppliers, and other parameters. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to see what is on hand and what is in low supply.

The system automatically determines the amount of test item and vehicle needed for doses and the volumes needed for dosing based on animal weights, giving your techs an added level of confidence in their studies. PF can help create recipes for vehicles and test items for studies using 12 different types of measure steps. PF users can also create more difficult recipes by using custom mathematical formulas. The unique barcodes generated for each container help verify ingredients prior to executing a recipe.

Time savings will be enhanced with powerful and versatile reports including the ability to print completed formulation records. The system also enables the team to filter and print inventory records.

PF screen dump


Additional benefits of Pharmacy Formulations include:                                            

  • Meets GLP standards with CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Can operate as a stand-alone module or an integrated part of PDS’ Ascentos LIMS
  • Ability to interface with balances, barcode readers, and printers
  • Designed and tested by actual Pharmacy Formulations specialists
  • Prevent use of expired material on GLP studies
  • Execute serial dilution studies




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