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The Gold Standard of Pathology Software

Our Ascentos pathology software is recognized as the industry standard for pathology information management, and for good reason. Many pathologists won’t work with anything else, simply because our software speaks their language — it’s self-explanatory for the scientists who use it.

From the beginning, our Ascentos pathology software allows the user to quickly recall and/or populate protocol information. The necropsy management table provides for well-organized autopsy operations. Its strategic design allows pathologists to not only dynamically enter diagnoses via a professional glossary or by free text but also to swiftly add gradings or tumor classifications. In addition, our software gives pathologists the flexibility to modify diagnoses across the entire study by simple keystrokes as trend evaluation progresses. In the 1980s, PDS invented the Animal Organ Finding Table (AOFT), a microscopic data entry matrix that provides pathologists access to in-life data and clinical pathology as well as necropsy data for macro-micro correlation and individual animal sheets. Our software is also designed with an eye to the future, as we’ve built it to integrate extensively with leading digital image systems.

Ascentos pathology software is one of the fastest tools on the market for entry and evaluation of postmortem data of a study, ranging from study setup to the fully integrated reporting.

Because it is designed for both multiuser and multitasking operations, even for microscopic data entry, the Ascentos software saves precious time of the pathologists to accomplish the studies. When entering data, the mouse and/or keystroke interface is so intuitive a scientist’s eyes don’t even have to leave the microscope to enter data. It’s this fast and intuitive framework that makes our software pathologist preferred.


Well-Organized Necropsy Operations

  • Necropsy management table
  • Built-in necropsy glossary
  • Chip/bar-code reading
  • Integrated organ/body weighing

Eyes Don’t Even Have to Leave the Microscope

  • User-friendly choice of graphical (mouse) or keystroke input
  • Function keys enable fast navigation and entry

Fast Slide Evaluation, Correlation and Review

  • Fast and safe microscopic data entry
  • Drag and drop organ findings
  • Enter multiple diagnoses simultaneously
  • Start where you left off when you restart sessions
  • Bar-code scanning for fast logging
  • Smart and flexible glossaries that learn as you go

Powerful Real-Time System for Capturing, Processing and Retrieving Digitized Images

  • Compare necropsy images with historical necropsy data or visualize it later during microscopic slide evaluation

Versatile and Easy-to-Understand Reporting Interface

  • Report generation is rapid, adaptive and can be highly specific
  • Quickly tweak layout of general, finding and modifier information
  • Easily rearrange the order of organs for reporting
  • Fully integrated statistics package

Outfit your pathologists with a clear and complete toxicity and carcinogenicity data entry, compilation, analysis and reporting platform.

  • Blinded reading
  • Change control
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Histopathology
  • Historical database
  • Digital image processing, conversion and transfer
  • Necropsy (macroscopy and microscopy correlation)
  • TissueBase®
  • Organ/body weighing
  • Pathology reporting
  • Statistics
  • Tissue tracking
  • Tumor evaluation
  • Version support
  • Validation services


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