Strategic Partner

Quinten, Inc.

Quinten is our partner specializing in leveraging biomedical data for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics companies. Quinten’s know-how complements traditional modeling and data-mining techniques. For example, Quinten’s Q-Finder technology enables us to identify, characterize and target sub-groups of patients in terms of efficacy and safety of a treatment. This technology is also used by medicinal chemists to identify, characterize and target key combinations of chemical features driving performances in terms of compound activity, selectivity and druggability.

Quinten’s proprietary algorithm and methodology enable heterogeneous variables to be taken into account without any preconceptions so as to extract from any database the best and worst configurations according to predefined performance criteria. This makes it possible, for example, to utilize clinical trial data to identify and characterize the profiles of patients who respond or do not respond to a treatment. This is also used by chemists to identify and describe key combinations of chemical features associated to higher activity, selectivity, etc.

Whereas other approaches seek to identify the global model enabling the phenomenon of interest to be globally predicted as precisely as possible, the Quinten Q-Finder approach concentrates on identifying the multiple situations in which the phenomenon is produced significantly more (or less) frequently than average. This makes it possible to quickly highlight the most relevant combinations of features in a database to detect zones of great value or high risk, and therefore, build appropriate action plans to maximize value and mitigate risk based on documented evidence.


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