Customers the big winners in PDS Pathology Data System and Livec Collaboration

PDS, vendor of the PathData, ToxData and ReproData systems and validation powerhouse, Livec have forged a collaborative understanding to streamline and provide turnkey pathways to utilization of world-class, mission-critical preclinical software.

October 1, 2009- Basel, Switzerland-- Customer focus is the driving force in the logical collaboration of PDS and Livec with the net benefit being that the customer is able to bring the PDS preclinical software systems up in their production environment in record time with quality and confidence through the validation efforts of Livec, a leader in thoughtful and powerful consulting and validation projects.
Reto Aerni, CEO of PDS, stated, “The advantages of the PDS/Livec collaborative effort means that project managers can feel confident of a successful project completion while, at the same time, optimizing internal resources for availability for business critical tasks and ensuring the project remains in the “IOO” bubble (In scope, On budget and On schedule).”

Hans-Rudolf Sutter, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Livec added, “Our focus on our customer’s needs is what drives our efforts in a way that spares their resources yet provides them with superior work products reflective of their needs. Our approach to a customer’s project helps them not only see the progress in very tangible terms, but allows them to be able to keep senior management informed on a very close to real-time basis.”

About PDS-- PDS Pathology Data Systems Ltd. is a privately owned, ISO 9001:2000 certified Swiss company offering a suite of state-of-the-art preclinical data processing tools that form an operational unity to build the most powerful and homogenous set of laboratory information management systems available to the professional community. As the market innovator in bringing preclinical software to their customers through their GLP-certified hosting center on a subscription basis, large up-front capital expenses are eliminated and the ease of use without encumbering already stretched internal IT resources is maximized.

About Livec -- Livec is the leading consulting provider on the life sciences market in the area of expertise. Livec specializes in laboratory management, compliance, project management and process optimization for the life science and pharmaceuticals industries. The expertise in these areas intermeshes perfectly – and that brings tangible and measurable added value.

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