ImageBase enables pathologists to handle macro and micro images directly in the PDS Ascentos preclinical LIMS

ImageBase 1

Interpreting and describing morphologic structures on both the macro and micro scale are vital and time consuming aspects of pathology.

But now, scientists can photograph microscopic tissue while working within the Animal Organ Finding Table (AOFT) using ImageBase, a new proprietary solution designed to work seamlessly with the PathData module of the Ascentos preclinical information management system. ImageBase also enables macroscopic images to be captured during necropsy and makes them accessible while the pathologist is making microscopic observations. The ability to add photos of microscopic findings while working in the AOFT, and simultaneously being able to review macroscopic findings, is a major advancement for pathologists.

Additionally, ImageBase gives the pathologist the ability to insert pictures of macro or micro observations right into the study report, greatly enhancing the ability to rapidly communicate findings.

ImageBase 2

Additional Benefits

  • Macro and micro images may be linked to pathology glossary terms to illustrate the relevant terminology or defining grades of severity.
  • Because the images are captured in real time and in standard image formats on a networked LIMS, they can be sent to peers or a supervising pathologist for review or shared easily via email with students or consultants anywhere in the world.
  • ImageBase, combined with Ascentos macro/micro correlation, provides the pathologist the ability to view the necropsy finding and to correlate it to the microscopic findings. In addition to this, the pathologist will be able to see the images for both macro and micro during the data collection phases.
  • Ascentos has a dedicated necropsy panel featuring a powerful, multiuser and multitasking data collection system. Regardless of the size of the study, data is entered quickly and efficiently in the system, producing a clear visual and report for each animal.
  • ImageBase, like Ascentos, is GLP, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. All data entered is tracked with a user, date and time of entry, and changes are tracked via audit trails in each module.
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