Clinical Pathology

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Clinical Pathology Without Complications

PDS’ Ascentos clinical pathology software is a forerunner in the industry because of its intuitive layout and ability to streamline processes. Its unique user interface allows for real-time data review, run administration and acceptance, all within one screen. Moreover, scientists can manually enter data (even manual counts) and receive data from instruments — all using this single screen. Tools are so well organized that scientists don’t have to spend as much time getting accustomed to software because it just works like they think.

And like all PDS solutions, our Ascentos clinical pathology software interfaces with our entire lineup — you can even access and review clinical pathology data, such as an animal’s growth curve, within our pathology module.


Conveniently Controllable

  • Set quality control parameters and define session intervals
  • Quickly change animal sequencing for randomized processing
  • Work from templates to rapidly define sub-protocols

Flexibility Meets Usability

  • Automated data recording with ability to develop drivers for any instrumentation
  • Optional sample status, location and condition tracking features

See the Bigger Picture Faster

  • Input qualitative and quantitative data in one screen
  • Color-coded data entry and review for fast processing
  • Effortlessly import and integrate Excel data

Give your clinical pathologists the most powerful and straightforward platform to accelerate research activities.

  • Bar-code labeling
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Data export features, including FDA-suggested formats and external statistics
  • Data range-checking based on age, alarms applied
  • Data review and acceptance management
  • Integrated quality control management system
  • Integrated user-definable statistics
  • Levey-Jennings plots
  • Definable sample order (fortuity lists)
  • Fully integrated search for historical control data
  • Session-driven data acquisition
  • Sophisticated data verification algorithms
  • Supports all types of short-term and long-term studies
  • Supports count data (e.g., blood smears, bone marrow smears, etc.)
  • Template- and protocol-driven
  • User-definable parameter options


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