Extract the True Value of Your Data

PDS maintains a strategic alliance with Quinten to use its exclusive Q-Finder® technology to provide unprecedented data analysis and visualization services.

Q-Finder® is a powerful system that uses next-generation algorithms to test each and every combination of biomarkers in a given data set. This enables us to identify responses far more detailed than what typically surface. We can isolate profiles with unique combinations of characteristics to more rapidly identify opportunistic and problematic patterns.

In a sense, Q-Finder® enables you to see more than the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your data.

Based on powerful bioinformatics technology, Q-Finder® empowers you to learn more from your experiments and hypotheses, helping you:

  • Identify potential safety problems faster
  • Accelerate drug candidate optimization
  • Save time and money by answering go/no-go development decisions sooner

What else can Q-Finder® help you do?

Data Analysis Exchange and Interpretation

Everything Q-Finder® does is about maximizing the return on data — defining stakes and related questions, extracting actionable insights and making data available and operational for the right person to generate beneficial work. In addition, findings are delivered in a format close to natural language, which makes them very easy to exchange and interpret.

Identify Complex Toxicological Patterns of Findings and Their Relevance

The Q-Finder® algorithm has been designed to directly highlight key patterns (signal nuggets) without going through single predictive models that tend to "flatten" these nuggets.

The Development of Predictive Models

Because Q-Finder’s® algorithm generates a number of patterns (instead of a single predictive model), we can build globally predictive models based on these patterns.

Knowledge Generation and Consolidation

Every key finding can be easily aggregated in existing information systems. In addition, we frequently develop customized decision-making applications to make findings available and useful to various functions in the organizations.

With Q-Finder,® we’re able to find the nuanced underlying mechanisms of toxicities in subgroups of animals. It’s a better, faster, more intelligent way to cross-reference data and find correlations that would otherwise go unnoticed.


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