Ascentos Preclinical Software

With the launch of Ascentos, your preclinical software solution, we’ve introduced the best laboratory information management solution in its class.

While many data collection and laboratory information management systems are built around the data they compile, PDS provides software that’s tailor-made for the people who use it — scientists.

PDS’ team of scientists and software specialists understand the preclinical workflow of laboratories. Keystroke by keystroke, our software solution is built to make laboratory information management as efficient as possible, so you can report information that drives insightful decisions.

PDS powers intuitive laboratory management software that Works Like Scientists Think.

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Works Like Your Lab

Our software is built to accelerate a laboratory’s workflow, not just accommodate it. No matter where scientists are working, our systems are flexible and scalable to facilitate studies of all sizes, while always making it easier for scientists to do what they do best — the science.

  • Fully integrated solution with ONE protocol that drives it all: Define one master protocol and it becomes the foundation across all PDS software components and other LIMS used for preclinical data collection (eg, bioanalytical, safety pharmacology, IV infusion), ensuring accelerated setup, elimination of double-entry, improved compliance and accuracy, and synchronized research conduct.
  • Multilingual support: PDS software supports global programs by enabling scientists to enter data in one country/language and review/report it in another.
  • Our software is designed to utilize bar-code scanners and transponder chips, enabling you to easily print cage labels with custom layouts and automating tedious manual processes — it’s an asset for scientists, not a burden.
  • The fastest system validation in the industry, GUARANTEED. Ask your PDS account person for more information.

Works Like Scientists Think

Ascentos software is easy to use and, because of its intuitive interface, has a very short learning curve. We also provide comprehensive setup and implementation training when necessary — PDS will have your laboratory working faster almost immediately.

  • Intelligent, predefined and user-definable activities and glossaries simplify data entry.
  • Fast setup: When using our subscription service, installation can be performed in one day without on-site IT assistance; no additional hardware is needed and all PDS-hosted solutions are operating system independent.
  • Rapid study setup: Use existing templates or quickly adapt them to get started sooner.
  • An unlimited number of scientists can be entering and reviewing data in the same table in real time.

Works With Your Equipment

Ascentos software is compatible with common systems and instrumentation, making implementation fast and simple — you can get PDS and get going. With PDS, you don’t have to invest time and money in altering your laboratory’s processes; you can just get down to the science from the start.

  • Industry-first APIs for seamless integration: PDS’ ready-made APIs allow for accelerated integration between the Ascentos solution and other systems.
  • No additional equipment is needed as PDS-hosted solutions are operating system independent.

Works on Your Terms

No two laboratories are the same; from laboratory workflow to timelines and budgets, Ascentos software works on your terms. With flexible setup, pricing and licensing options, we make it as easy as possible to equip scientists with the industry’s leading software, regardless of where or how they work.

  • Flexible licensing options including hosted solutions (SaaS).
  • Stand-alone installation options for large-scale, long-term programs and off-site use are also available.

Works Safely and Securely

We operate and maintain the software we build 100 percent. Unlike other systems, there’s no reliance on third parties or contractors — your data is always safe with PDS. This also means you own your data and you always know where it’s hosted, which isn’t always the case with cloud-based solutions.

  • PDS offers the world’s only GLP-certified hosted solution.
  • CDISC registered vendor (PDS is a gold member).
  • Products are compliant with ISO standards and hold ISO-9001 certification.
  • All systems are operated and maintained by PDS; there’s no reliance on third parties or contractors.
  • All PDS software is developed in the U.S. and Europe; no offshore subcontractors are used for development or customer support.
  • Data protection under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act — one of the strongest sets of data protection regulations in the world.

It Just Works

All our software solutions are supported by our service-driven team, which is comprised of IT experts, programmers and scientists.

  • Support for scientists is provided by scientists.
  • Strong online user community shares tips and insights on PDS software.


Get to Work With PDS’ Ascentos

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